Eric Williams, Founder
, FinGo


We at FinGo envisioned the disruption of the online finance service industry. Our team was looking for developers to create the application able to accomplish our mission. When we started to work with Vasterra, their developers set out to map the functionality of the app while researching how to design a system which enforces cyber security by design. Eventually, Vasterra has developed an architecture which allows FinGo to scale quickly while upholding the safety at the highest possible level. Moreover, Vasterra’s developers integrated an advanced fraud detection algorithm which blocks accounts immediately if malicious behaviours are detected. In the end, Vasterra team created the necessary interfaces to integrate data through data pushes into FinGo to offer sophisticated functionality. Moreover, our users can now pay invoices and invest money directly from the app – without switching back and forth. We have 4.8-star user ratings with 3,467 reviews and 203,364 downloads on Android and iOS stores. This is good enough for a financial application that is linked to the user's personal accounts. Eric Williams, Founder, FinGo