We rank businesses.

We rank each and every service/product of businesses based on customer stories personally verified by reputedfirms. We also go through the company's full credit check, social media presence, and business standings.

Do you have these same questions when
you are looking for a vendor?

Do they have experience in this specific domain which I need?
Do they deliver in quality? How is their previous result?
Can I trust them? Whether they spotted in any fraud before?
Are they capable of fulfilling my requirements?
Whether their previous customers are happy?
Do their previous customers have any after-sales issues?

How we compile the recommendable
score for a business?

Business Credit Report and Industry Experience

We manually cross-check each business’s legal status before onboarding to our website. Reputedfirms is not a business listing website but a trustable business ranking platform.

Media References and Online Presence

It’s essential to know how print media and digital media tell about a business. It is also vital to understand how the company advertises itself to the outside world.

Previous Customer Stories

What their existing customers say about a business is the primary metric we check when we research a business.

Skills and Market Experience

A simple 5-star rating can’t explain how experienced they are in each skill. We process every skill/features of a business and validate separately to give better business suggestions.

Reviews based on Trust, Quality, Skill, and Support

Reputedfirms collects reviews and ratings on each factor you value when you consider a business. A more powerful metric than some standard testimonial.

Recent Activity

We take into account the fact that any business can outperform at any time. We periodically collect recent business activity and customer stories to ensure this.

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