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We at FinGo envisioned the disruption of the online finance service industry. Our team was looking for developers to create the application able to accomplish our mission. When we started to work with Vasterra, their developers set out to map the functionality of the app while researching how to design a system which enforces cyber security by design. Eventually, Vasterra has developed an architecture which allows FinGo to scale quickly while upholding the safety at the highest possible level. Moreover, Vasterra’s developers integrated an advanced fraud detection algorithm which blocks accounts immediately if malicious behaviours are detected. In the end, Vasterra team created the necessary interfaces to integrate data through data pushes into FinGo to offer sophisticated functionality. Moreover, our users can now pay invoices and invest money directly from the app – without switching back and forth. We have 4.8-star user ratings with 3,467 reviews and 203,364 downloads on Android and iOS stores. This is good enough for a financial application that is linked to the user's personal accounts. - Eric Williams, FinGo

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  • mobile app designing


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Business foucs


web development

web designing

hybrid mobile app development

mobile app designing

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Vasterra is a client-centric software development company that creates custom digital solutions. The company works in fields like e-commerce, retail, and real estate, helping companies connect with valuable users and customers through reliable software. Vasterra helps businesses from all over the world.

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From 8 Customer stories (0 story in last 6 months)
Oxfordshire, England, United Kingdom

Lavish Shoestring - E-commerce Shop Development


web designing, web development

javascript, php

Thanks to the Vasterra team, we at Lavish Shoestring have redefined our sales approach. Guys automated and sped up most of our shop's work. Vasterra's development skills and quick feedback were amazingly impressive. Moreover, the team not only delivered the tasks accurately, but also offered their own suggestions to improve the site's productivity. The most impressive part of the developers' job were the neural networks, built for recognizing images and describing the objects within. Lavish Shoestring team is delighted with our collaboration with Vasterra - give these guys a look If your company is looking for a modern development team capable of providing the whole turnkey solution package. - Pavel Mozgovoy, CTO, Lavish Shoestring

Saint Petersburg, Санкт-Петербург, Russia

Biz-cen - Real Estate Online Platform


web designing, web development

javascript, php, yii

Vasterra developed our MVP. First, they gathered information from us, and then we built it together. After that, we decided to build the whole website. We also built an ERP system with them that includes different models that helped us to automate our business. Additionally, they helped us develop a mobile app to help our brokers send a presentation to our potential lenders. The app is built for both iOS and Android. The app is very user-friendly. Our conversion rate of brokers has also increased. We collected all the information on how our business process looks from a broker’s perspective. The project decreased the amount of time that workers need to send a PDF presentation to potential lenders. They implemented a lot of different settings that work a line with our business processes. Project management worked well. Their project manager communicates directly with us. He gathers all the tasks from our company and places it in the project system that they use. - Grisha Maslak, CFO, Biz-cen

Moscow, Moscow, Russia - Presentation-generating Real Estate Platform


web designing, web development

javascript, laravel, mysql, php

We worked with Vasterra on the platform. From the very beginning, we had access to the test environment, which allowed us to see all of the work and functionalities. The output presentation files were the main metrics for us. We have access to the test environment, but we also communicate on Slack. They also gave us access to their project management environment. Their services were cheaper than companies that don’t have real estate experience. They also work with their clients for over ten years. We don’t want to change the team. Their team also has a detail-oriented approach. My advice to those who are looking for IT outsourcing is to take the time to prepare requirements and make detailed documents for the developers. This is something we should’ve done in the beginning. - Anna Savischenko, Co-founder,,

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Colliers - Commerce Cloud development & Customization


web designing, web development

javascript, php

I’ve worked with Vasterra on other projects. I have my own digital marketing business, so I know how important it is to have IT support. Vasterra has been helping me with that, and our collaboration has been very successful. Adding on to that, they understand my business and the way I work, so they were a great choice for a long-term service provider. Their understanding of our business is most impressive. Not only do they have IT knowledge, but also understand the business side of the project, making suggestions to optimize it accordingly. In addition, they’re flexible, which is very comforting. The Vasterra team will respect your ideas and needs and never push you to change your core beliefs. Working with them is very comfortable. - Olga Repryntseva, Representative, Colliers International

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