We cut down 80% of your marketing expenses while maintaining current lead generation; Introducing Shared Marketing.


How it works?

This marketing approach has brought a notable innovation to the landscape of online business promotion, rendering it more appealing. In essence, businesses gain entry to high-quality customers facilitated by the elevated cost associated with a shared budget. Consequently, increased visibility, a premium clientele, more leads, and the potential to double profits!

Step 1: Forming Virtual Groups:We kickstart the process by strategically merging up to five companies that share similarities in their target audience, industry, or marketing objectives. This collaborative effort creates a virtual powerhouse, pooling resources to form a cohesive unit ready to tackle the marketing landscape.

Step 2: Consolidating Budgets:Once the virtual group is formed, we bring together all marketing budgets from the participating companies. This consolidation ensures a robust financial foundation for launching impactful campaigns across various premium channels, including PPC, social media, PR, content marketing, and other targeted avenues.

Step 3: Launching Unified Campaigns:With the collective budget in hand, we craft a singular, high-impact marketing campaign that spans multiple premium channels. This comprehensive approach allows us to optimize your presence across diverse platforms, maximizing visibility and engagement.

Step 4: Results and Lead GenerationAs the campaigns unfold, generating leads becomes a collective achievement. Every time a campaign or marketing endeavor produces leads, the results are distributed evenly among all parties within the virtual group. This ensures fairness and equal opportunity for every participant to capitalize on the generated leads.

Step 5: Amplified Reach and Profit PotentialThe outcome is extraordinary—by joining forces with other companies in your virtual group, you stand to gain not just double but potentially triple or even quadruple the reach compared to traditional marketing efforts. This amplified exposure translates into a significant boost in profit potential for each participating company.

We decrease your cost per lead to less than 20 dollar. ie, For $1000 you will get more than 50 leads per month.



  • Direct Free Leads
  • Detailed Analysis Report
  • Show in Rank Listing
  • No Lead Commitment
  • Priority Listing
  • Premium Support
  • Mention in Social Channels
  • Shared Marketing


per month

  • All of FREE Plan +
  • Premium Support
  • Onetime Mention in Social Channels
  • Google Index
  • Shared Marketing
  • An average of 50+ Leads*
  • Premium Clients
  • Paid Marketing Channels
  • Social Marketing Channels

Maximum Leads

per month

  • All of other Plans +
  • Topmost Listing
  • Shared Marketing
  • An average of 150+ Leads*
  • Premium Clients
  • Paid Marketing Channels
  • Social Marketing Channels

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