Jiri Hradsky, Founder
, MIT International Marketing Inc.


It is with great pleasure that I recommend the team Vyrazu Labs. Over the past years they have been an immeasurable asset to the success of my business. Through numerous research and development projects, websites, interactive online tools, and technical support they have demonstrated the very highest level of professionalism, expertise and innovative thinking. It is without reservation that I say we simply could not have done it without them. The have given me confidence in the most important factor when working on projects such as we have… They have demonstrated time and again reason to trust them to get the job done, and trust is a key element when you hand your ideas over to someone to make them realities. I have no doubt they will provide you with the same level of service and become an asset to anyone fortunate enough to have them bring their ideas to fruition. Jiri Hradsky, Founder, MIT International Marketing Inc.