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Tor Kielland, Co-Founder and CTO
, BrightArch AS


I have more than 10 years of experience in working with off-shore developers and I have many mixed experiences. Having worked approx. two years with Mykhaylo, Oleh and the others at Blackthorn now, I can safely recommend the company. They've conducted thorough processes to get the right developers, project managers, designers and QAs for my projects. Once I've accepted the team, they've provided management, code reviews, architechtural advice, etc. to ensure that the project delivers high quality. The guys at Blackthorn know that they must work hard to get the best talent in the city, and they manage to achieve that by promoting an attractive working environment and a strong culture. I've visited Blackthorn Vision in Lviv myself, and I'm very impressed with their professional attitude and their reliability. I hope to work with them for many years to come. Tor Kielland, Co-Founder and CTO, BrightArch AS